# 1 Million Future Leaders

We are here to make the World Better

The IKAR Global Institute is a business think-tank that promotes the betterment of the human condition through enterprise, innovation and most importantly the training of our next generation of Global Leaders. Its primary objective is to build a vibrant community, provide thought leadership, and promote new opportunities for the thinkers, doers, makers, and innovators building the economies and societies of the future.

At the IKAR Institute, our theory of change differs from most institutes. We believe that peace derives prosperity-trade relations, open markets, smaller governments, and norm-governed societies reduce the propensity for aggression. Positive change is best achieved by the creation of value through enterprise and innovation. Policy does play a role in this process by enforcing rules, marshalling resources, and removing obstacles, but it is not the primary actor and we do not engage with it as such. Our Vision is that true global change will occur through human leadership that represents all sectors of our society and represents all continents.

The Institute is headquartered in Vienna, with offices in Istanbul, San Francisco’s Silicon Valley and Boston.