We target sectors that align to the diverse backgrounds of the founding partners and meet the focus criteria.


In the uncertain and turbulent global economy, emerging markets contain many prime investment opportunities with substantial growth potential at considerable value and mature markets, such as Europe and North America, continue to have great promise.

From real estate & infrastructure and the leisure & travel sectors to attractive small, medium, & large cap companies, IKAR Industries has a strategy built around a focused investment criteria coupled with unparalleled experience, knowledge, and network to interpret these markets and sectors, source the choice opportunities, and manage the assets for superior returns.

Our Focus

IKAR Industries has three main investment criteria:

  • Invest into assets or companies under distress and currently managed by banks or financial institutions. Subsequently IKAR Industries will employ our considerable experience in the management of these assets or companies, lead them to a professional and profitable level, and strategically exit them at the appropriate time.
  • Invest in solid companies carefully curated through our network, with strong balance sheets and collateral, in need of alternative sources of capital, access to management experience and know-how, and strategic advice to navigate a path to sustained growth.
  • Invest in promising projects with creative strategies, including balance sheet restructuring, take over, MBO, MBI, carve-out, and spin offs in the target sectors of IKAR Industries.

Target Sectors include Energy & Mobility, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Security & Safety, Leisure & Travel, Automation & Digitization, Health & Hygiene, and Education & Research that align to the diverse backgrounds of our senior management team and renowned industry experts.