The IDESUS team combines rare skillsets, unique levels of corporate and state institutional experience alongside access to deep networks of subject matter experts. We share the professional pleasure of offering discrete solutions to the most challenging of problems.

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In a world of hybrid threats to the prosperity of High Net Worth Entities and Individuals, our services flexibly tackle a range of vulnerabilities from the digital through to physical security. We also provide the business insight and advanced intelligence that enable our clients to better navigate times of rapid change.



Business Intelligence

Actionable intelligence
for critical decisions

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Security Services

Cyber foresight,
protective prowess

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“Quality of information is paramount. Being thorough in the critical analysis of publicly available sources is a valuable first step, but it’s usually only a part of the process because our additional levels of access can be essential to ensure that our clients have the latest facts and a fuller picture of the real dynamics at play.”


Yuri Koshkin,Partner, IDESUS Group

“The priority given to cyber security preparedness needs to dramatically increase for most companies, as well as high-level individuals. Multiple factors are increasing the areas of vulnerability being targeted in ever more sophisticated and systematic ways by criminal enterprises. At IDESUS we’re experienced in preparing our clients versus all kinds of attempted infiltration and our simulations dramatically improve client readiness.”

Steve Williams, Partner,IDESUS Group

“In my experience business leaders are often forced to take critical decisions with incomplete and old information, meaning that critical risk factors are overlooked, or solid opportunities are passed over. At IDESUS we aim to provide CEOs with more reliable and insightful sources of information, alongside our own expert analysis, so that they’re equipped to make more nuanced decisions based on better knowledge.”

Kurt Volker, Partner, IDESUS Group